Sarah Meets with Survivors of Sexual Exploitation

In May, Sarah traveled with fellow feminist activists and authors Gloria Steinem, Professor Hyun Kyung-Chung and Amy Richards to South Korea. Sarah met with eminent feminist scholars who discussed the history of the so-called Comfort Women as well as women who have helped these survivors spread the word about what they survived at the hands of the Japanese Army during World War II. Sarah attended the weekly demonstration held in front of the Japanese embassy demanding public recognition of the injustice done to the Survivors, or "Halmoni" (grandmothers). She also visited the House of Sharing and heard their courageous stories of survival in person. Sarah also met with younger activists and survivors tackling related issues of sexual exploitation and violence against women in the modern day context of sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation (including what's commonly called prostitution).

Sarah and Pak Ok Seon