What's Playdate With Sarah Jones?

Tony® winning performer and writer Sarah Jones brings her multi-cultural cast of characters to a new podcast, Playdate with Sarah Jones. Known for her popular TED talks and live shows, Sarah brings both humor and insight to her portrayals of people so recognizable, the New York Times calls her “a master of the genre”. On the podcast, listeners join Sarah and her characters on a Playdate with guests including Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter India.Arie, author Elizabeth Gilbert, comedian and commentator Baratunde Thurston, and actress/comedian/writer Lily Tomlin.

Expect the unexpected as Sarah and her guests discuss everything from the creative process to their personal journeys, never knowing which characters might pop up next.

This podcast is co-produced by Sarah Jones and PRI.


Introducing Playdate with Sarah Jones

A preview of who will be visiting Sarah and her characters


Who Is Sarah Jones?

Who is Sarah Jones? We find out on a visit to her apartment!


India.Arie on Songwriting, Spirituality, and Stardust

Sarah Jones (and her characters) get deep with Grammy award-winner India.Arie. Hear about songwriting as spiritual work, relaxation and play, and how not feeling like a beautiful flower helped India.Arie write a song about self-love. PS – stay tuned till the end to hear India and Sarah sing! 


Baratunde Thurston on a Tech Future to Believe In

Tech guru (though he's leery of that title) comedian and author Baratunde Thurston sits down with Sarah and her characters for a playdate full of #micdropmoments. Tune in for his take on building better social tools, combining humor and technology, and a future in tech that doesn’t include the Terminator. 


Elizabeth Gilbert: Facing Fear and Embracing Your Inner Artist

Best-selling author Elizabeth Gilbert ("Eat Pray Love" "Big Magic") gets creative on her playdate with Sarah Jones. Listen as Sarah and her characters explore with Liz how to honor our artistic urges, face--and even befriend--our fears, and realize what we make won't be perfect, but we should make it anyway!


Sharon Salzberg: Living with Loving-Kindness

Breathe deep into this playdate with author, meditation teacher and peaceful presence SharonSalzberg. Sarah (and her characters) discover with Sharon how to have the audacity to be happy, come home to yourself, and offer loving-kindness – even on the subway.


Lily Tomlin!! All the feels...and the funny.

Lily Tomlin has dazzled generations of audiences on stage and screen, from "9 to 5" to “Grace and Frankie." Now, Lily joins Sarah Jones for a playdate about the work that Lily has created and inspired. Listen as she shares where her characters come from, her journey to becoming a comedic National Treasure, and how it feels to be decades into her incomparable career. Ps - a few of Lily's characters pop in, too!


Shantell Martin on Drawing, Decisions, and Creating Across Difference

Visual artist Shantell Martin draws on everything. She’s done live-drawing in venues from music halls to MIT, and created art on cars, sunglasses, and even human bodies. Now, Shantelljoins Sarah Jones and her characters for a Playdate where they explore how to follow the line of your own life, how to find the courage to create, and how to find your 'yes' by saying 'no'.